Sharks are stronger together. Start a Gang to get a huge size boost

TLDR & Example workflow:

  1. Get a Gang on Trove

  2. Get 1 Robber Sharks + 5 Common Sharks on Trove

  3. Start your Gang at

  4. Enjoy a 300% size boost to your sharks

Manage your Gangs:

Buy Gangs on Trove:


A Gang provides its members with a significant size boost.

Each Gang has one leader and many members.

The leader is exactly one class higher than the members (Robber leads Commons, etc).

All members are of the same class.

Size boost depends on the leader's class and is bigger for lower classes:

Note: Size boost percentage is subject to change.


Each Gang has two parameters: Min Size and Max Size.

Min Size - boost is activated when a gang has at least Min Size members (like 5).

Max Size - how many members can be there in a gang (like 5)

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